Supplies needed every day in class:
*correction pen/pencil/marker
*70-100 pages College ruled (preferred) color coded notebook
*folder in the binder to collect corrected papers

Remind: Please sign up for reminders from me to help your child stay organized and up to date on assignments.

Send a text to 81010 and the class code in the message.  Then follow the prompts.
#1 Rule--lower case 'i' is not acceptable at the 8th grade level and will result in an automatic 'F'
Class colors:        Class Code:
A1 red                   @3353c
A2 blue                  @mspollock
AB3 purple             @ab3e
A4 orange              @a4englis
B1 green                @b2f41
B4 yellow               @f23ac
*be on time
*respect yourself and others
*be prepared
*finish work on time
*be honest
*ask questions
*try your best
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Sheila Pollock,
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