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Welcome! I teach...
Resource Science, Inclusion Life Science and Physical Science, Inclusion 8th grade Social Studies, and Inclusion Common Core math 7 and 8.

The best way to contact me... is through email:  You can also call the school, 777-1688, and leave a message which I will try to return by the end of the school day.

General class information and links may be found below with attachments for classes located at the bottom of this page.

Resource Science:
This is a lower level, high learning class that incorporates the same standards as all other classes but at a slower pace.
Inclusion Science and Social Studies:
These are classes that I team teach with Michelle Smith and Kaylen Grosz and Travis Monett. These teachers and myself can answer questions and concerns you may have about your student in these classes. We team teach during A2-Smith, B1- Grosz, and B2-Monett.
Inclusion Math:
I will be team teaching with Mrs. Barton and Mr. Oliphant. This is a big advantage to your student as they now have two teachers during the whole class period. We will team teach during A4-Barton and AB3- Oliphant.
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Kami Ahlin,
Aug 24, 2012, 9:09 AM