School Colors
  • Purple, Black & Silver
  • Titans
Mission Statement
Students, Staff, & Parents Committed and Motivated to Succeed”

To accomplish this we are committed to: 
  • Embracing diversity in learning styles
  • Accepting that all students can learn
  • Challenging all learning levels
  • Inspiring life long learners
Spring Creek Middle School’s educational vision is to maximize student learning. To achieve this vision students, parents, teachers, and administrators need to be committed to the following primary
  • A selective curriculum – The selection of enduring state bench mark standards are the primary focus of lessons. The pursuit of the goals that all students will master the selected state standards at an achievement level of 80% or better.
  • Routine common summative assessments – Collaboratively developed common assessments written to test students’ proficiency on enduring state bench mark standards selected for each quarter.
  • Assessment driven lessons – The development of lessons that are designed to teach what will be tested with the common assessments developed for the enduring state bench mark standards each quarter.
  • Formative assessment – The engagement of students in several formative assessments during the quarter without penalty to grades. The analysis of results from formative assessments to identify mastery and non-mastery of selected enduring state standards and adjustment of lesson content.
  • Data driven instruction – The timely adjustment of lesson content to a focus on enduring state bench mark standards not mastered based on the students’ achievement results from formative assessments and summative common assessments.
  • Reflective teaching – The routine reflection on lesson presentations and instructional strategies for the purpose of continuous improvement to maximize instructional effectiveness.
  • Timely and purposeful remediation – Remediation provided during the school day for standards not mastered. This remediation needs to be provided after every common assessment for the purpose of getting students to the 80% mastery level.